Comixcast Is Bringing Artists Together For Political Protest

Harvey Pekar’s widow, Joyce Brabner, is rounding up cartoonists to draw the events at the political conventions.

Comixcast Is Bringing Artists Together For Political Protest
[Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore]

WHAT: Harvey Pekar’s widow, Joyce Brabner, is organizing Comixcast live feeds and YouTube videos of political cartooning at both Republican and Democratic national conventions. She’s currently raising money for artists’ travel expenses and protest protection gear to Comixcast RNC 2016 in Cleveland.

WHO: Organizer Joyce Brabner, portrayed by Hope Davis in American Splendor and a comics reportage pioneer whose first comic book, Real War Stories, was flagged by the Department of Defense as a perceived threat to national security. Cartoonists confirmed thus far: Jennifer Camper, Junco Canche, Marguerite Dabaie, Tim Fielder, Katie Fricas, Ted Rall, Paul Mavrides, Tony Puryear, Vishavjit Singh, Seth Tobacman, and Mark Zingarelli.

WHY WE CARE: If the pen is mightier than the sword, brushes are mightier than sound bites. Brabner and her crew of multicultural comics creators will be observing events and meeting people involved with Counter RNC 2016, an effort opposing Trump’s presidential nomination, on July 13-21. They’ll translate their findings into political cartoons and comics posted daily on YouTube and, with some work for sale, and others available for free use. Artists not able to attend can submit work to Brabner will follow up with a Comixcast DNC 2016 in Philadelphia July 25-28. “We’re there to amplify voices that need to be heard, such as women’s and minority issues, and I believe in the power of words and pictures,” says Brabner. “This is a different kind of election. It’s no longer politics, but a patrician of industry who’s coming in to take over the country in reckless and dangerous ways.”

Illustration: courtesy of Bill Sienkiewicz

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