NASA And Apple Music Commissioned Weezer To Write A Song Celebrating The Juno Mission

WHAT: A new Weezer song called “I Love The USA,” which premiered today.

WHO: Weezer was commissioned to write the track by Apple Music and NASA, in order to celebrate the Juno Mission.

WHY WE CARE: Apple Music partnering with NASA is kind of random–the two hiring Weezer to write a song about how much they love America to celebrate the Juno Mission is downright abstract. The fact that the song includes lyrics like “I love the USA / fuck yeah, this place is great” makes it seem way more like satire than a thing NASA actually paid money for, but here we are. (The clean version replaces it with “eff yeah, this place is great,” which is more family-appropriate, but less gleeful in celebrating the USA’s First Amendment.) And while the song is a celebration, it’s not exactly joyful-sounding: it’s largely a minor-key piano ballad that opens with the words “Ain’t that bad a place,” includes shout-outs to the king and queen (we’ll assume he either means Jay-Z and Beyoncé, or that maybe there’s another country out there named USA), and concludes with a sad, abrupt parable about “planes up in the sky / there’s a missing man / a boy who didn’t make it.” It might not leave you super pumped the fact that we have a spacecraft approaching Jupiter, but it’s a lot more fun to listen to than the strange, atmospheric soundscape that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross created for Apple Music to celebrate the mission. Still, would it have killed them to maybe tap Li’l Wayne for a straight-up party on Jupiter track?