Pepsi Goes Full ’90s Nostalgia And Brings Back Crystal Pepsi

And if that isn’t enough retro for you, play The Oregon Trail game homage “The Crystal Pepsi Trail.”

Pepsi Goes Full ’90s Nostalgia And Brings Back Crystal Pepsi

WHAT: Pepsi is bringing Crystal Pepsi back to stores this summer.

WHO: Pepsi

WHY WE CARE: The ’90s nostalgia train just hit another gear as Pepsi is bringing back Crystal Pepsi to stores in a blatant swing at aging millennial heartstrings (and taste buds). You may recall the brand dipped its toe in these sugary waters late last year with a limited edition sweepstakes Crystal Pepsi giveaway, but the response must’ve been strong enough to have them think people really do need a break from cola-colored cola. To mark this momentous occasion, there’s also a retro video game, a homage to The Oregon Trail appropriately called “The Crystal Pepsi Trail,” that will no doubt entertain while making you feel really super old. Let’s just hope there isn’t someone rushing into a Coors boardroom somewhere yelling, “The hour of Zima’s return is upon us!”

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