At This Brazilian Supermarket, Customers Pick Their Produce From A Garden

Here’s one way to get people to buy more vegetables: Make the produce aisle look like a garden plot, and let customers pull heads of lettuce out of soil.

A supermarket chain in Brazil–which wanted to emphasize that it was selling fresh, local, sustainably grown food–is experimenting with “fresh garden” installations in its stores, where rows of herbs, onions, and greens are displayed as if they’re growing in the store.

Unlike some German supermarkets that have started actually growing greens inside mini-vertical farms inside stores, the stores in Brazil made a pseudo-garden.

“They were placed there in a very delicate process,” says Nicolás Romanó, creative director at WMcCann, the agency that came up with the campaign for the store, called Zona Sul. “We couldn’t grow them in-store to make sure they were all top quality, so we figured out the logistics of how to transport and maintain them displayed in the store.”

The campaign was designed to let customers understand the store’s commitment to sustainability and the quality of the food. “It was the perfect way to make customers realize that veggies there are really, really fresh,” says Romanó.

It made a difference–the campaign led to an 18% increase in vegetable sales in the store. The store plans to roll it out across the chain.

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