Watch Rainn Wilson Treat TED Talks Like A Dating App For Ideas

WHAT: “Ideas Worth Dating,” a video commemorating 10 years of TED Talks.

WHO: Rainn Wilson, and some familiar past TED speakers.

WHY WE CARE: As eminently parody-able as TED Talks may be these days, they only got that way from making a huge impact on the culture.

For a full decade now, the organization has been disseminating infectious, easily digestible advice and personal stories from a wide range of perspectives. Although TED Talks have, from time to time, leaned a touch heavily on the kind of person who self-identifies as a thinkfluencer (shudder), they have also used gardeners, mathematicians, actors, and other people whose creativity points in unexpected directions. Now, the organization is celebrating its decade milestone with a video that compares the search for new ideas to the search for… romance.

“Ideas Worth Dating,” a play on the TED Talk tagline, Ideas Worth Spreading, finds Soul Pancake-maker and former Office star Rainn Wilson going out with some popular past speakers in hopes of falling in intellectual love. These speakers include lexicographer Erin McKean, garrulous gardener Ron Finley, and many more mind-expanding folks–including Reggie Watts. Considering how many videos TED has put out in the past 10 years, this search could take a while.

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