Who Destroyed The Economy Today? It Was Old People (Again)

British voters over 50 made the Brexit reality, just the latest in a long line of decisions by an older generation that will damage the lives of their children for decades to come.

Who Destroyed The Economy Today? It Was Old People (Again)
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As you wake up to the ashes of the stock market, angrily wondering why British voters would have voluntarily decided to crash their own currency and economy, remember this: It was not all British voters, just the old ones.


Voters under age 50–the ones who will have to live the longest with the repercussions of this decision–strongly voted to stay. Older voters embraced the revanchist, racist arguments to leave, at very high rates.

This is, as some have pointed out, the same age-based coalition that is opposed to most progressive policies:

This is despite the fact that they have benefited the most from similar policies in the past:

In a Tumblr site called the 75%, the Guardian is collecting thoughts from the the 75% of young Britons who voted to remain and are now stuck dealing with a new world order they don’t want and that will make their lives measurably more difficult. Here’s are some key, heartbreaking excerpts:

17-year-old Erin May Kelly

More so than anything I feel let down by the older generation. All I strive for is a sense of stability, I want to know that the ambitions that I have, such as studying abroad and taking a year out to travel will be realised. I think a lot of the issues that affect people of my generation, such as education and social policy have come second place to older generation fears of immigration.

And an anonymous young person:


I’m angry that, as a younger generation, the majority of us wanted to remain and yet with the vote to leave, it is us who will be affected for the longest. A large number of leave voters I heard from, their only argument was nationality and ‘taking Britain back from the immigrants’. Which is despicable. What with that and Nigel Farage backtracking on his promise about putting the extra funding into the NHS, it seems clear that the leave campaign will do nothing good for our country.

A conscientious old person who voted for remain might say: “not all old people.” But after years of articles about the damage all Millennials are doing to society and the workplace, it’s maybe time for the broad brush to be turned the other way.

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