• 06.28.16

This Amazing Cyberpunk Prosthetic Arm Is Also A Tattoo Machine

Take sewing machine and record player parts and what do you get? The most badass tattoo artist ever.

This Amazing Cyberpunk Prosthetic Arm Is Also A Tattoo Machine

It’s hard to think of anything more cyberpunk than getting a tattoo from JC Sheitan Tenet, a French tattoo artist with a robot arm that has a tattoo gun for a hand.


Tenet’s arm was brought to life by artist and engineer Jean-Louis Gonzalez, aka Gonzal.

Gonzal is known for his “mechanized taxidermies and skulls,” according to Motherboard’s Emiko Jozuka. After repeated meetings at tattoo conventions, Tenet asked Gonzal to mechanize an old prosthetic arm he already owned. Tenet lost his own right arm over two decades ago. “The aim was to fix the tattoo machine to an aesthetic version of his prosthetic arm,” Gonzal told Motherboard.

The unit is light enough to wear and use, although it still needs a mains cable to power the tattoo gun, and Tenet has to control it from the shoulder. The mechanism is hacked together from sewing machine and record player parts. Here it is in action at the Tattoo Motor Show 2016, in Davezieux, Ardèche, France:

Tenet says that he’s already working on version 2.0. “This first arm was just designed as a steampunk sculpture,” he told HTXT in an interview, “but the prototype 2 will be more efficient so I may work on new designs with a tattoo gun that uses both hands.” He’s also no stranger to oddly-specific-yet-cool prostheses. The other arm that he wears is for surfing.

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