Nike High Fives Cleveland, YouTube Celebrates Pride: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Beats by Dre says congrats to LeBron, Foot Locker gives Ben Simmons some NBA lessons, and Burger King remembers France.

Nike High Fives Cleveland, YouTube Celebrates Pride: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

This week there was a very important vote going on in the United Kingdom, in which Britons voted to stay or leave the European Union. (Spoiler: They’re leaving.) Maybe that’s why Burger King has done what they’ve done. To revisit the lessons of history. To let the echoes of past events ring in the ears of those making decisions for the future. For whatever reason, though little known before, we shall never forget the Fast Food Frexit. Onward!


Nike “Worth The Wait”

What: A Nike ad celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first-ever NBA title, just hours after they lifted the trophy.
Who: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Why We Care: No doubt LeBron James and his teammates are heroes in Cleveland for delivering that city’s first pro sports title in more than 50 years, but here Nike strikes a goosebump chord by shining the spotlight on the Cavs fans who followed their team through the trophy-less wilderness, and finally arrived at the promised land.

Burger King “Whopper Blackout”

What: A short mockumentary on the cause and fallout of Burger King’s 12-year absence in France from 1997 to 2012.
Who: Burger King, Buzzman
Why We Care: A good mockumentary short is a hard thing to resist, especially in these heady times of big should-I-stay-or-should-I-go decisions. Also we learn that you can ration 400 Whoppers over 10 years, though it may lead to questionable hair and sweater choices.

YouTube “#ProudToBe”

What: A new short film to celebrate and support the LGBT community on sexuality and gender identity issues.
Who: YouTube, Anomaly New York
Why We Care: This follows up last year’s #ProudToLove, celebrating both San Francisco’s Pride Celebration and the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, Once again, YouTube has taps into the power of its users to create another emotional film. It’s a fitting tribute to all the people who have used YouTube to navigate and celebrate their own struggles, and wonderful message to those yet to come.


Foot Locker “It’s Real Now”

What: Presumed first overall NBA draft pick Ben Simmons gets some lessons in pro life from Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker and D’Angelo Russell.
Who: Foot Locker, BBDO New York
Why We Care: First things first–Foot Locker and BBDO New York have a long history of making athletes unexpectedly funny. But this might be some kind of pinnacle. To get Russell to not only acknowledge a three-month old scandal but make it the kicker of a two-spot combo running in the NBA’s biggest off-season show, is an achievement of brand-tastic proportions.

Beats by Dre “LeBron James is [Championship] READY”

What: Another quick turnaround congrats to LeBron James for getting that title and being named the NBA playoffs MVP.
Who: Beats by Dre, R/GA
Why We Care: Not only admirably agile in getting this up and ready so soon after James and his fellow Cavs won Larry O’Brien’s hardware, but it also deftly ties back to the brand’s campaign and series chronicling James’s return to Ohio in 2014.


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