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Here’s Your First Look At “Divorce,” Sarah Jessica Parker’s Return To HBO

The teaser for Divorce shows how creator Sharon Horgan’s sensibility sounds filtered through the familiar visage of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here’s Your First Look At “Divorce,” Sarah Jessica Parker’s Return To HBO

WHAT: The first teaser for upcoming HBO series, Divorce.

WHO: Creator Sharon Horgan and star Sarah Jessica Parker.

WHY WE CARE: After the tidal wave of highly relatable adult comedy that was Amazon’s Catastrophe, Co.Create is buying whatever creator/star Sharon Horgan is selling. Now, the British powerhouse has opened up shop with HBO to oversee a new comedy about a rather unpleasant topic, which is right there in the title: Divorce. Sarah Jessica Parker leads the cast opposite soon-to-be-ex onscreen husband Thomas Haden Church, and in this brief teaser, she is clearly no longer in Carrie Bradshaw territory. It’s hard to tell based on 40 seconds, but judging from Horgan’s background, Divorce will likely be far lighter on the zingy quips that fueled Sex and the City, and heavier on the uncomfortable truths of coupledom that couples dare not talk about.

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