Ben Simmons Gets A Rude NBA Awakening From Foot Locker

The top draft prospect continues the sneaker chain’s tradition of getting NBA stars past, present, and future to get weird on-camera.

Ben Simmons Gets A Rude NBA Awakening From Foot Locker

WHAT: Two new Foot Locker spots starring Ben Simmons, the LSU forward and expected first overall pick in the NBA draft.

WHO: Foot Locker, BBDO New York

WHY WE CARE: Foot Locker’s history of putting NBA stars in wacky situations and having them get weird is well established and generally leads to pretty great creative results. The one-two punch of these new spots continues that tradition nicely. The first spot will air early in the broadcast before players are selected, while the second spot will air right after the Philadelphia 76ers have made him the first pick in the draft. It’s a fun way to make a memorable ad splash at the draft, with top bonus points for the wink-wink mobile phone lesson.

Back in March, a video D’Angelo Russell shot of his veteran teammate Nick Young confessing to cheating on his then-fiancée Iggy Azalea found its way onto the Internet–an almost-too-soon gag that hits just right.

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