Watch “Independence Day” Aliens Blow Up Your Block On Google Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, you can watch aliens blow up basically any building in the world.

Watch “Independence Day” Aliens Blow Up Your Block On Google Street View

WHAT: “Independence Day: My Street,” a website to promote Independence Day: Resurgence by allowing you to plug your address into a search bar and then watch a 360 video of aliens blowing the hell out of it while “Fortunate Son” plays.

WHO: Jeff Goldblum provides the opening narration, and apparently Creedence Clearwater Revival got paid something to be involved in this? The studio behind Independence Day: Resurgence is 20th Century Fox.

WHY WE CARE: Independence Day: Resurgence is a weirdly intriguing picture. It’s a sequel to one of the biggest blockbusters of the ’90s–albeit one that comes nearly 20 years too late. It throws out the original film’s premise (an unsuspecting populace is attacked by aliens and has to defeat them with homespun ingenuity, up to and including the President of the United States flying a fighter jet to attack them) in favor of an entirely new one (a well-prepared populace armed with alien technology has to fight the aliens who left it behind). It reunites most of its original cast, but misses Will Smith, the one actor most closely identified with the original film, who opted to play a guy named “Deadshot” in Suicide Squad instead. Critics screenings were announced, then withdrawn–never a good sign–and it’s hard to imagine that the movie is actually good, beyond the fact that enough people wanted it to exist that it got made two decades later. All of which is to say: “Independence Day: Your Street” could well be the most enjoyable thing to come out of Independence Day: Resurgence simply because it’s novel to watch aliens blow up your house, or the house you grew up in, or the house that your teenage bully lived in, or your workplace, or basically any other location in the world that has a street address. Even if the movie itself gets met with a big punch to the face and a “Welcome to Earf”, we’ll always have the hope we felt when we watched our houses destroyed to the strains of John Fogerty, and that’s something.

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