You Can Now Watch Beyoncé’s “Sorry” Video Without Watching All Of “Lemonade”

If you’ve watched the totality of Lemonade on HBO one too many times, but still can’t get enough of this anthem, you’re in luck.

WHAT: “Sorry,” the first non-Lemonade video from Lemonade.


WHO: Beyoncé, mother of dragons.

WHY WE CARE: One of the most memorable, meme-generating moments from Beyoncé’s visual album extravaganza, Lemonade, was the standout video, “Sorry.” The stylish black and white clip featured a twerking Serena Williams and a busful of young girls with middle fingers at full mast, and it stole America’s heart. Now the video has been released on Bey’s YouTube page, a tender gift for anyone tired of unapologetically skipping ahead to get to this section of Lemonade. Watch it on its own, and then read Fast Company’s cover story on Beyoncé as a companion piece.

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