This Short Film Turns Your Phone Addiction Into an Ironic Nightmare

WHAT: Man In Phone, a short film about technology addiction.

WHO: Tokyo-based director Mackenzie Sheppard.

WHY WE CARE: Our phones are our lives. There’s a strong chance you’re reading this on your phone right now–possibly while walking through a semi-crowded office hallway while en route to a bathroom, where your reading will go largely uninterrupted. In Man In Phone, though, this utter dependence is given the Kafka treatment when a man gets trapped literally inside of his phone. At first, our narrator, Hiroshi, just has to deal with the terrifying inconvenience of being miniaturized and (ironically) immobile. It’s only after he’s packed up in the din of his girlfriend Yumi’s bag, however, that he sees through different apps and files and photos on the device just how much time he’d spent with it. And then things get weirder. Perhaps watching this video, though, will be enough to jar some viewers out of a phone-fog without having to live through any Black Mirror parables first.