5 Tech Tools For The Budding Yogi In All Of Us

For International Yoga Day, here are some apps and wearables to get you flexing.

5 Tech Tools For The Budding Yogi In All Of Us
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No matter if you’re a proud yogi or a fitness noob, yoga’s health benefits are undeniable, from increased focus to physical (and mental) flexibility.


In honor of International Yoga Day, we’ve gathered together some apps and wearables that make becoming a yoga master easy, or at least easier—no gym membership required.

1. Yoga Studio App

Gaiam’s app Yoga Studio is a perfect companion for DIY yoga. The app’s 65 ready-made video classes are organized by experience level, and once you feel more comfortable, you can even create your own routines (hello, 45 minutes of corpse pose!).

Free. Available for iOS and Android.

2. SmartMat Yoga Mat

Billed as the world’s first smart yoga mat, Smart Mat is poised to be the perfect yoga companion for those who eschew the usual group classes. Smart sensors detect your balance and alignment and then send the info to an app that teaches you how to improve. The mat’s Indiegogo campaign has raised nearly $400,000, and the first orders are set to ship sometime this year.

$347. Available to buy through Indiegogo.

3. Nadi X Leggings

At CES this year, Wearable Experiments introduced their latest product, a pair of tights that help yogis correct their form. Using tiny electronics embedded at the knees, hips, and ankles, the Nadi X leggings scan the wearers pose and use vibrations that move across the leg to direct the person to the right alignment. And when you’ve nailed the position, you’re rewarded with a gentle “om” that emanates from your pants.


Nadi X’s launch date and price point haven’t been released yet.

4. 5 Minute Yoga

Always in a time crunch? Don’t let that stop you from taking a five-minute break to practice your downward dog. 5 Minute Yoga is a simple little app with short, easy-to-follow routines that can be sandwiched in between basically any errand you need to run.

Free. Available for iOS.

5. Relax & Rest App

Though not technically “yoga,” Relax & Rest’s guided meditations are simple and restorative. You can choose sessions that are 5 minutes (breathing), 13 minutes (deep rest), or 24 minutes (whole body), depending on how much time you have. The five-minute breathing guide is perfect for a stressful subway situation. Plus, focusing on your breath may just make you work better.

$1.99. Available for iOS and Android.


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