See How Colors In Your Favorite Movies Subtly Convey Themes

WHAT: Color Psychology, a short film about how color is used in movies.

WHO: Audiovisual media student Lilly Mtz-Seara.

WHY WE CARE: Color has a lot more work to do in a movie beyond just keeping it visually interesting. The right level of saturation, for instance, immediately communicates that we’re currently in a flashback. Color Psychology, however, uses clips from over 60 films to show some more subtly evocative ways directors tend to use color. The short starts off with Color 101, more or less, letting viewers know that pink does in fact represent femininity and that red is visual shorthand for violence. After that, though, things get less obvious. For instance, an orange hue is often used to convey sociability, warmth, and youth. Watch the whole short and then use it to evaluate the outfits of those you love.

[via Devour]JB