Here’s Everything Announced At Apple WWDC And Google I/O, Year By Year, Since 2006

At both Apple’s and Google’s developers conferences this year, machine learning, computer vision, and personal assistants were major themes.

The two companies come from two very different heritages. One hardware, the other search and cloud services. But they also both have experience crossing over onto each other’s turf. Apple’s main business is phones, yet Google has worked with partners to create Nexus phones. And Apple is well into its mapping and cloud service offerings.

And as the personal computing industry shifts focus away from hardware to services and platforms, the two companies are already talking to their development communities about similar things.

This was quite apparent in the companies’ announcements at this year’s conferences, here shown side by side:

The above slide show gives a good look at how we got to where we are now.

Research and infographics provided by Venngage.