You Can Now Own A Deck Of 52 “Woman Cards” Illustrated With Influential Women

Donald Trump recently accused Hillary Clinton of playing the #WomanCard. The Clinton campaign responded by making an actual Woman Card available for supporters to play themselves. But for anyone in such a tough spot that just one woman card doesn’t possess enough pizzazz, now there are 52 woman cards to play.

The Woman Card Project is a deck of cards featuring influential women. Instead of occupying every number and royalty position, though, they are all Queens. (Insert your own “Yaaas” here.) If you thought the Joker would be anyone other than Donald Trump, you were wrong. Overseen by VML art director Maddy Kramer, each card was designed by illustrators such as Gabriela Epelboim and Jasmine Estrada in support of gender equality–and just not being condescended to by Cheeto Jesus.

The cards span a colorful variety of influential women and illustration styles. Tina Fey’s card has the aura of a watercolor painting while Michelle Obama’s has more of a Sunday funnies feel that would be at home next to Jeffy of Family Circus. Taken together, the cards form a playful reminder that powerful women never rise to prominence on the sheer virtue of being a woman.

You can get your woman cards for free with an option to donate to the UN Gender Equality Fund on the dedicated website. But first, have a look at some of our favorites in the slides above.

[via Fubiz]JB