CVS Health And Walgreens: Fighting To Eat The Other’s (Healthy) Lunch

CVS Health and Walgreens compete to be the No. 1 drugstore.

Thanks to CVS, drugstores are finally focused on promoting healthy living rather than buy-one-get-one Snickers deals. CVS continues to expand its antismoking mission with a new $50 million, five-year education and advocacy campaign.


CVS is working to be more convenient, too, taking over all of Target’s pharmacies as well as offering customers curbside pickup in some urban locations.

These moves are forcing its rival Walgreens (which would rather you forget its recently severed relationship with the troubled blood-testing service Theranos) to respond. It recently announced an initiative against opioid abuse as well as a new web-based mental-health-screening platform.

It’s a good start, but Walgreens’ efforts feel less realized than CVS’s consistent leadership.

About the author

Nikita Richardson is an assistant editor at Fast Company magazine.