Who’s Your Soccer Daddy? A New Spanish Site Will Tell You

For Father’s Day, Spain’s most-read sports newspaper Marca wants to let you know the other guy who might share responsibility for your life.

Who’s Your Soccer Daddy? A New Spanish Site Will Tell You

WHAT: Based on a finding by the British Medical Journal that birth rates go up by as much as 16% in the wake of a successful sporting event, Spain’s most-read sports newspaper Marca created a site that tells people what soccer goal may have been the catalyst for their conception.

WHO: Marca, FCB Spain

WHY WE CARE: As the Euro 2016 tournament gets going, what better way to celebrate than to try and figure out if a historic goal was the spark that led to you? They say big sports moments lead to an increased birth rate, something Spain must know a little about, considering their national team has won the last two instalments of this tournament. Marca and agency FCB Spain analyzed more than 22,500 soccer matches from over the past 60 years to build up a database of potential baby boom-inducing goals. Enter your birthdate and your soccer-loving parent’s favorite Spanish team, and the website will give you a birth certificate that proves which player is your soccer father and why.

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