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Manchester United Players Star In Very Awkward Promos for “ID4,” “X-Men,” and “Deadpool”

The connection between one of the largest sports franchises in the world and Independence Day: Resurgence seems flimsy at best.

Manchester United Players Star In Very Awkward Promos for “ID4,” “X-Men,” and “Deadpool”

It’s a crapshoot, trying to figure out what will get people to see a movie. Marauding devil babies and oddly personal gifts have been known to do the trick recently. In the U.K., however, the latest trend in blockbuster marketing appears to be mortifyingly awkward cross-promotional tie-ins with Manchester United.

Independence Day: Resurgence

In a new ad for Independence Day: Resurgence, Jeff Goldblum leads Wayne Rooney and some other famous footballers on a jet mission to kick some alien ass. That sentence defies all logic–human and otherwise. Goldblum is no stranger to the world of marketing, so his presence here isn’t a total shock. But still, it’s hard to imagine a person who was not going to see ID4: Resurgence yesterday reverse their position upon seeing defensive midfielder Daley Blind shoot a laser beam at a spaceship.

Apparently, though, this ad is only the latest in a string of promos that bring Manchester United together with tentpole films as one big, weird family. As io9 reports, similar ads emerged online earlier this year for X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool. While the former campaign somehow failed to entice stars Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Nicholas Hoult to be a part of this dream team–imitation voices are dubbed in over a clip from the film–Ryan Reynolds does lend his lucrative vocal stylings to the Deadpool clip. Whether he actually donned the red suit remains to be seen–just like the point of these ads.

Watch the X-Men and Deadpool promos below.

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