Update: Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” Still Not Finished

Kanye just added a new song. Perhaps the rest of his career will be one long “Life of Pablo.”

Update: Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” Still Not Finished
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WHAT: “Saint Pablo,” the latest track from the long-, long-gestating album, The Life of Pablo.

WHO: Kanye West, the self-described titular saint, who is said to be part Pablo Picasso and part Pablo Escobar. Also his son is named Saint? It’s confusing.

WHY WE CARE: Hot on the heels of announcing his upcoming Saint Pablo tour yesterday …

… the zeitgeist-upending producer/rapper has just released a new, very appropriately titled track. What’s interesting about the song is that it’s not just out there floating in the soundcloud, a satellite to its mothership album. Instead, Kanye simply updated The Life of Pablo on Tidal to include this new song. In other words, that album either is finally finished, or still not finished. The artist gained attention earlier this year (and, well, every single day) when he updated the song “Wolves” on Tidal after the album was already released elsewhere, added a separate mini-song called “Frank’s Track,” and tweaked the lyrics on another song, “Famous.” Oddly, the lyric he changed on that song wasn’t the one where he said of Taylor Swift, “I made that bitch famous.” The new song, “Saint Pablo,” features a sample from Jay Z’s golden oldie, “Where I’m From” and vocals from British singer Sampha. Will The Life of Pablo ever be fully finished? Or will the rest of Kanye West’s career involve further tweaks and bonus tracks to the album?

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