Charlie Sheen Goes For Sobering Honesty In Ad For “New Generation” Condoms

WHAT: Charlie Sheen fronts a three-minute ad for Lelo Hex, a redesigned condom.

WHO: Lelo, Alpha Century

WHY WE CARE: Much more than a, “Do as I say, not as I do” lecture, Sheen talks with unflinching honesty about his own experience and, in contrast to some of his more erratic previous public appearances, does it in a sober, calm, and reflective way. Recognizing the tremendous the power in revealing his own HIV status has had, he talks about how that power might be used to benefit others. “People still want to be like me or experience my life, but there’s a little detail they want no part of,” he says. “So they can avoid that by using this.”

The Lelo Hex touts itself as a “new generation” condom, formed of hexagonal latex sections, which, its makers say, allow it to be thinner and more flexible than standard condoms. The company says it is the first major design innovation for the condom in 70 years, and have launched a crowdfunding campaign to make it happen. The brand hopes to launch the product sometime this summer, but it’s possible to pre-order and help fund the development and production.