A-listers To Young Britons: “Don’t Let Others F**k With Your Future”

If you want strong action, sometimes you need strong words.

WHAT: A provocative new campaign to boost turn out among young people for the EU referendum on June 23


WHO: adam&eveDDB with a little help from Keira Knightley, Lily Cole, and friends … including Hollywood director Anton Corbijn

WHY WE CARE: Recent polls showing just 50% of under-35s plan to vote despite younger generations being most affected by the outcome prompted adam&eveDDB to create ‘Five Seconds for Your Future.’ The campaign spanning online films, outdoor, and social, contrasts how little time it takes to vote with how long the repercussions will linger. Highlighting her concern at low anticipated youth turn-out and frustration at the divisive and negative nature of much of the campaigning, Cole says “the aim was to do a neutral and positive campaign to encourage people to get involved and make their opinions heard.” Other celebrities participating include Vivienne Westwood, Jessie Ware, and Big Narstie.

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