Graphic: Trump Is The Gaseous Orange Star Of The Republican Universe

To endorse or not to endorse? A solar-system inspired viz from the Guardian presents the decision as one of cosmic proportions.

Since Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee for president, the response within his party has been both vague and varied, ranging from #NeverTrump to reluctant support to wholehearted endorsement.


Not exactly the unity the party was hoping for, but the Guardian’s U.S. interactive team has at least given it some cosmic order. The New Republican Center of Gravity visualizes the flaming orange candidate as the center of the universe, with revolving planetary party leaders subject to his gravitational pull.

See the interactive graphic here. The Guardian

Of the 99 Republicans across the country who have named their position on Trump, 61 have taken the middle road, saying they “support” their candidate but don’t “endorse” him. Fifteen have declared their endorsement for Trump, some more convincingly than others. Then there’s the “Wait and See” category, which holds 14 Republicans, and the “Never Trump” category, favorite of the Bush family, which includes 9.

In the Guardian visualization, party leaders take their position in the orbit accordingly. Scroll over the revolving legislators, and the glowing Trump face reacts with contentment, distrust, disbelief, or anger.

As a close look at the graphic shows, Trump’s gravitational force only gets stronger the closer we get to November. Likeness to the gaseous orange mass aside, it’s worth noting that black holes have a stronger gravitational pull than the sun.

See the full thing here.


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