This Powerful Youth Charity Ad Shows How Different One Woman’s Life Could Be

WHAT: Poignant campaign for U.K. youth charity Prince’s Trust leaving viewers in no doubt as to what young people’s lives could be like without the help and support it provides.

WHO: Prince’s Trust, CHI & Partners

WHY WE CARE: HRH The Prince of Wales founded the Prince’s Trust 40 years ago and to mark the milestone, the charity has released a simultaneously hopeful and sad campaign, “Parallel Lives.” The organization’s greatest strength is how it manages to help young people pull themselves back from the brink of disappearing on downward spirals.

The film uses a split-screen, mirrored, approach to show the same girl leading two different lives and does a subtle, yet incredibly effective job of demonstrating just why the Trust’s work matters. At first, the differences between her two lives appear only small–a bit of grime here, a bruise there–but as the story unfolds the true nature of her darker, sadder life becomes clear. Alongside the film, print and outdoor ads show three other scenarios where lives have diverged along very different paths.