Every TED Talk Ever, In One Brutal Parody

WHAT: A video on Thought Leadership that is very clearly and effectively parodying TED Talks.

WHO: This Is That, a current affairs show from CBC.

WHY WE CARE: TED Talk parodies have been around nearly as long as TED Talks themselves. The Onion had an entire series devoted to ridiculing the self-congratulatory culture of thinkfluencers back in 2012. This latest effort, however, is perhaps the most precise and meta deconstruction yet of those bombastic Steve Jobs-lite pep rallies. This Is That host Pat Kelly narrates everything he is doing during a speech about thought leadership, and why he is doing it. “I’m now going to back to the center of the stage and give you some unremarkable context about how I became a thought leader,” he says early on. Kelly’s upper-crusty intonation, overly rehearsed hand gestures, and use of dated buzzwords will make it tough to suffer through another straightforward TED Talk ever again.