Nick Offerman And His Dad Talk About “Everything” In Lagavulin’s Father’s Day Ad

And by “talk,” okay, we mostly mean “sit silently in a canoe.”

Nick Offerman And His Dad Talk About “Everything” In Lagavulin’s Father’s Day Ad

WHAT: A new ad for Lagavulin Whisky starring the brand’s anti-pitchman, Nick Offerman, doing another Nick Offerman-y thing–this time, sitting in a canoe with his dad to celebrate Father’s Day.

WHO: Nick Offerman has been the face of Lagavulin’s ads for a little while now, bringing more than a little of his Parks & Recreation Ron Swanson character’s silent, simple, man’s man persona to the storied Scottish distillery’s brand–and he’s back here, along with his dad.

WHY WE CARE: It never gets old watching Nick Offerman be Nick Offerman–as several books, stage show, Netflix special, legitimate woodworking shop, and other ways of playing up his persona have made clear. In this spot, the persona’s once more on display, but it also gets tweaked in a satisfying way, as Offerman declares that he and his dad talk about “everything” on Father’s Day–before Offerman and his pop sit wordlessly in a canoe, fishing lines in the water, for two solid minutes. There are subtitles that reveal how much is communicated in their knowing glances and thoughtful nods, though, which is exactly what we’d like to believe is the secret to family togetherness time in the Offerman household.

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