Gillette Is Out To Convince You That Your Dad Is Better Than YouTube

The brand’s Father’s Day campaign says sometimes your best source of advice, information, or instruction is good ol’ Pops.

Gillette Is Out To Convince You That Your Dad Is Better Than YouTube

WHAT: “Go Ask Dad” campaign for Gillette takes a play from the Dove Guide To Feelsvertising and asks dudes to consider going to their fathers for advice instead of the Internet.

WHO: Gillette, Grey New York

WHY WE CARE: We’ve seen our fair share of great ads focusing on the relationship between mothers and their children, but here we get an interesting–albeit, completely contrived–peek at the one between dads and adolescent boys. The spot is based on the premise that in our Age of Google, most guys go to the Internet for advice before hitting up their dads, and aims to encourage guys to look to Pops first. It’s a unique, if quick, take on the role of male role models and fathers in modern society. The brand says it’s spreading the ad by intercepting the highest volume of “how to” Internet search terms and keywords, and redirecting to the “Go Ask Dad” video, to get guys to reach out to their dads not just on Father’s Day, but every day.

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