Guess Whether This Ad For A Random Validation App Is Real

WHAT: A fake ad for a ridiculous app that is depressingly not-so-ridiculous in our current cultural climate.

WHO: The online arm of Upright Citizens Brigade, UCB Comedy.

WHY WE CARE: The tech world gets soundly mocked each week on HBO’s Silicon Valley, but there’s still room in Co.Create’s heart for an incisive blast of digital satire about device dependence. “Smartphone App That is Changing the World” introduces viewers to Beeps, an app whose sole function is sporadic and unmerited validation. It randomly beeps and tells you, “Good Job,” and that’s it. In between the smiley slo-mo and testimonials that are the lingua franca of any app-based ad, we also meet the pretentious, scarf-wearing techbros who designed Beeps, and seem blissfully unaware of its uselessness. Of course, in the comments of the fake ad’s YouTube page, a lot of viewers chime in to say that they would indeed use this app if it were real. And why not? Yo was once a hot app, after all. Clearly we are living in an age that is borderline impossible to satirize.