Goodbye Toothpaste Tubes: This Edible Pod Melts In Your Mouth When You Brush

With the new Poppits soluble toothpaste pod, there’s no waste. The cellulose film melts in five seconds, and you’re left with what you need. The annoying tube–normally coiled up on the sink, or making a mess–is a thing of the past.

That’s how Wayne Solan sees it. The Irish-American inventor sees his pods as a neater and more environmental way to consume toothpaste. One billion tubes of toothpaste are sent to landfills every year–waste his pods could help reduce, he says.

Poppits is currently on Kickstarter and requires $50,000 to make the first batch. Solan says the cellulose is naturally flavored and completely safe. The film is manufactured in rolls and then squeezed with the paste, a bit like Tide laundry pods. “It’s simple, but it took hundreds of formulations to find the right kind,” he says. “It’s suitable for vegetarians, and it’s halal friendly.”

NASA is interested in using Poppits on the International Space Station, Solan says. He believes hotels and prisons are possibilities, too. Toothpaste tubes are a common item in prison searches, as they’re used to hide things inside, or melted down into weapons. Solan is doing all the manufacturing here in the U.S.

Check out the campaign here.

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