Alec Baldwin Puts His Dramatic Delivery To The Test In Fun U.K. Telco Ad

WHAT: Alec Baldwin gets serious for BT Mobile.


WHY WE CARE: There comes a time in every screen legend’s life when self-deprecation becomes an extremely disarming tool. American national treasure Baldwin uses it with full force in this cute spot for U.K. telco BT Mobile.

The ad follows our hero as he puts this theory to the test around Great Britain. He’s seen using a smartphone and various apps in numerous scenarios and deploying all his acting skills in the process. “I’m on Google Maps … Because I’m lost,” he deadpans, surrounded by sheep in a remote field.

BT’s services must be pretty good because Baldwin’s timing is, of course, flawless. The ad is the latest in the company’s “Behind the Scenes” campaign parodying the ad-making process that has previously starred Ewan McGregor, Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, and Rebel Wilson.