Coors Light’s 360-Degree Action, Dos Equis’ Interesting Index: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

A plank puppet talks up redwood, Elizabeth Banks in your dream home, and Justin Trudeau wants you to visit Canada.

Coors Light’s 360-Degree Action, Dos Equis’ Interesting Index: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

This week’s unintentional theme is beer and wood decks–which, if you think about it, is pretty perfect for heading into the first weekend in June. Onward!


Dos Equis “Luis Guzman”

What: We learn the character actor is the 8,507th Most Interesting Person in the World, as the beer brand extends its search for its next spokesperson, and even lets you see your own rank through its online Interesting Index. The tool evaluates your Facebook profile to determine where you rank on the scale of the most interesting people in the world.

Who: Dos Equis, Havas Worldwide New York

Why We Care: While the insanely popular original campaign has come to an end, the brand has found a fun way to keep the Most Interesting party going in a way that doesn’t feel like beating a dead campaign. And by going the mid-level celebrity route with Erin Andrews and Luis Guzman, the number of funny possibilities are endless.

Humboldt Redwood “Just a Deck”

What: A redwood ventriloquist dummy schools us on the qualities of redwood.


Who: Humboldt Redwood, barrettSF

Why We Care: Sometimes compelling advertising comes from the least likely of product categories. Like B2B cybersecurity, and now, wood. Okay, it’s no Herzog doc, but this talking plank uses great writing and dry humor to make you actually pay attention to a wood wall.

Coors Light “Climb On In 360”

What: The silver bullet launches a VR campaign that takes viewers big wave surfing, white water kayaking, and downhill mountain biking. While for most of us, it’s in 360 video on YouTube and Facebook, the brand is also bringing Google Cardboard headsets to 5,000 bars around America for patrons to take in the action, without worrying about how six pints of Coors might affect their balance.

Who: Coors Light, 72andSunny

Why We Care: Coors Light has been associating itself with outside fun, mountains, streams, and sports for years, so a unique 360-video campaign makes sense. What really sets it apart is that these videos are actually fun to check out, and exactly the kind of thing people would be showing their buddies at the bar.

advertisement “Dream Deck”

What: Elizabeth Banks invades people’s dream homes to tell them they can make it a reality.

Who:, Pereira & O’Dell

Why We Care: Here we have an American Treasure (Banks) talking about the American Dream (owning a home with a magic beer cloud). The new campaign continues Banks’s run of ads for the brand, and later this month the brand will roll out an eight-episode digital series with Banks interviewing characters from her own dreams.

Destination Canada “Justin Trudeau shares a meal with Kristen Kish, American Top Chef”

What: The Canadian prime minister gets casual with the Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, sitting down for some food and a quick chat about the real Canada beyond the snow, hockey, and maple syrup cliches.

Who: Destination Canada


Why We Care: Forget for a moment that this is a sitting head of government starring in a tourism ad. As a tourism ad, it eschews the hard-sell hype video style for a more conversational Vice vibe, complete with the tattoo’d chef host. Sound familiar? Either way, it’s a smart way to show Americans that there’s as much Joe Beef cool as Bob and Doug hoserdom in the Great White North.

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