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Check Out The 72 New Emojis Coming Soon To Your Phone Keyboard

An avocado, a pregnant woman, and a disco man are among the new emoji options.

[Images: via Emojipedia]

The Unicode Consortium gods have spoken, and we will soon enjoy 72 new emojis, including facepalm, dying rose, and avocado.

The emojis run the gamut of 21st-century relevance, from brunch-y clinking champagne glasses to a black heart, if you're feeling as goth as Taylor Swift has been lately. Worried that red dress dancing woman was getting lonely? Enter blue suit disco man.

The Consortium, which takes on matters of universal software, approved the new emojis as additions to the current canon of 1,601 emojis. Android and iPhone users should see them sometime this year, after the respective companies offer software updates.