See The First New Avalanches Music Video In 16 Years

WHAT: The very strange music video, “Frankie Sinatra.”

WHO: The Avalanches, featuring Danny Brown and MF Doom.

WHY WE CARE: Before there was Girl Talk, the sample-happy mashup maestro of the late-aughts, there was The Avalanches, an Australian band who constructed dance-able songs from putting obscure old records together. The Avalanches released one widely beloved album in the year 2000 and then basically melted away, only occasionally emerging to start rumors of sophomore records that were never to be. Until now, anyway. Aside from their music, though, The Avalanches also left behind some incredible videos for fans to miss in their absence–including most notably “Frontier Psychiatrist,” where every sound sampled has a physical representation. The comeback video, “Frankie Sinatra,” is fittingly bizarre. After ingesting a substance the exact shade of screaming lime green as nuclear material on The Simpsons, an entire town appears to go insane. The song itself has a broken carnival feel to it and by the time it ends, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve been to a freak show.