Dos Equis Wants To Rank You On The “Most Interesting Person In The World” Index

After the Most Interesting Man In The World walked off into the sunset, the beer brand is looking to keep the interesting magic going.

Dos Equis Wants To Rank You On The “Most Interesting Person In The World” Index

WHAT: The follow-up to the iconic Most Interesting Man In The World Campaign, or at least a tease of what that follow-up is going to look like.

WHO: Dos Equis and Havas Worldwide New York, along with Erin Andrews and Luis Guzman.

WHY WE CARE: Few pitchmen in recent memory have been as iconic as the one in the recently ended 10-year campaign from Dos Equis. His reign as the face of the franchise oversaw the brand tripling its business. He became a beloved mascot and a beloved Internet meme, and generated the sort of organic, sincere engagement with the concept that any brand would kill to be able to come up with. He was–The Most Interesting Man In The World.

He walked off into the sunset (or, okay, flew to Mars) in March, and as he’s moved on, Dos Equis has been coy about how they intend to replace him. But today, they’ve given us a hint: A handful of new spots–starring Fox Sports personality Erin Andrews and beloved character actor Luis Guzman–maintain the familiar voiceover and music, as well as the format of dropping an absurd factoid about the subject. But where The Most Interesting Man In The World placed at #1 on the Interesting Index, Andrews (#5,008) and Guzman (#8,507) represent the wider range of rankings based on interesting-ness. The actor playing The Most Interesting Man In The World may be gone (again, to Mars, which means he’s no longer in the world), but he’ll be replaced with a new person right around the time football season comes back around.

We don’t know for sure who will take the top spot for Dos Equis (presumably Riley Curry is too young to be the face of a beer brand!), but we know that it won’t be Andrews or Guzman, since they’re apparently less interesting than thousands and thousands of other people. If that sounds harsh on the two celebrities, though, fear not–over at Dos Equis’ website, the “Interesting Index” will assess your Facebook profile to determine where you rank on the scale of the most interesting people in the world. (I placed 360,930th, which hurt my feelings until I realized that it meant that all of the people Dos Equis ranked ahead of me made up less than the population of Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

In other words, Dos Equis is teasing out the future of this campaign in a slow, measured way, which makes tons of sense–if you’ve got a campaign as iconic as The Most Interesting Man In The World, you might as well ride the meta-campaign of how he’ll be replaced in an interesting way, too.

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