Elizabeth Banks Wants To Help You Find Your Dream Home on

WHAT: Continuing her run as’s spokesceleb, Elizabeth Banks invades people’s dream homes to tell them they can make it a reality. Except for maybe the magic clouds.

WHO:, Pereira & O’Dell

WHY WE CARE: The real estate app market is increasingly competitive, and its advertising arms race has lately featured some surprisingly goofy humor and inspired celebrity choices–like Banks here, and remember Jeff Goldblum and Weezy at the Super Bowl for Banks is an American treasure and, of course, typically charming when chatting up a dude in a hot tub with a magic cloud, or a guy shaving and playing double-duty paddle ball.

The new campaign continues Banks’s run of ads, as well as a five-part home buying series on the brand’s YouTube channel. Later this month the brand will start to roll out another eight-episode digital series featuring Banks, in which she interviews characters from her own dreams that include a not-so-friendly T-Rex, her middle school crush, and a magical pony. Because, what’s better to diffuse the stress of buying a home than a magical pony?

Also check out the behind-the-scenes video, and Q&A with Banks about the campaign.