Brazilian Lawnmower Brand Used Test Drives To Clean Up City Parks

Tramontina’s “Test Drive For Good” turned product demos into a public service for São Paulo parks.

Brazilian Lawnmower Brand Used Test Drives To Clean Up City Parks

Advertising as a public service is far from a new concept, but it’s still one that not enough brands creatively explore. Recently, Brazilian lawn care brand Tramontina, with agency JWT Brazil, decided to combine a very traditional sales strategy like product demos, with a non-traditional ad strategy of public service for its “Test Drive For Good” campaign.

The brand took to the streets of São Paulo with its latest lawnmower to give people a chance to try it out in-person. The catch was, the demonstrations were in one of 10 city parks in desperate need of some cleaning up. Every time someone took the Tramontina mower for a spin, a city park got a bit more beautiful.

JWT Brazil creative director Mariana Borga says the brand simply asked the agency to find a unique way to present it’s new lawn mower, keeping in mind the brand’s tagline, “Beautifully well done.”

“This was one of the few ideas we came up with that combined brand purposes (product sales) with social purposes,” says Borga. “In other words, it’s a way to introduce and make people test a product at the same time that they are stimulated to do something good for the city. Our idea is to keep doing these kind of test drives for other Tramontina’s products.”

Borga says the campaign took place over three weekends, with hundreds of people participating to help clean 10 city parks.

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