This Is What A Movie About a Tinder Superhero Would Look Like

WHAT: “Tinder: The Superhero Movie,” a fake trailer that is awesomely just what it sounds like.

WHO: Comedy-focused homegrown production empire Rooster Teeth.

WHY WE CARE: In its own weird way, online dating can make you feel like a romantic Bionic Man/Woman. Everybody else starts to look like mere mortals compared to you, the distant decider. With great battery power comes great responsibility, though. The casual decisions you make on a dating app might lead to a permanent partner or a temporary nemesis. In the case of Tinder: The Superhero Movie, though, the stakes are way higher. “When I swipe left, people die,” says the man at the center of this satirical trailer. As a kid, he was cut by an enchanted piece of wood, a/k/a tinder, and given the gift/curse of actual swiping abilities. Now, the grownup superhero Tinder must use his power to face off against a horde of bots masquerading as eligible bachelorettes. Along the way, there are allusions to catfishing scams and tech wars between other dating apps. Considering how many comic book movie trailers we’ve endured lately, and the fact that properties as unlikely as Tetris are now becoming movies, the video isn’t as farfetched as it should be. Maybe this is what Tinder CEO Sean Rad meant by expanding Tinder beyond mere hookups?