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Watch Tony Hawk Show Off His Mad Skills in Zero Gravity

Hawk proves he can skateboard in just about any condition, including near weightlessness.

Watch Tony Hawk Show Off His Mad Skills in Zero Gravity

Remember that episode of the Nickelodeon show Rocket Power, where Otto and the crew visit Tony Hawk's secret lair—dubbed The Hawk's Nest—and roller blade, skateboard, and snowboard through a veritable skaters' wonderland until they meet a cartoon Tony Hawk?

No? Well, I digress. My point is that now Tony Hawk has done something even cooler (okay, maybe just as cool). He's been doing skateboard tricks in zero gravity.

In collaboration with Sony, Hawk and fellow skater Aaron "Jaws" Homoki hopped on a special plane to test out their skateboards in air conditions they would experience on Mars or the moon. Together, they attempted tricks that would be impossible for mere Earthlings and managed to land on their feet—well, some of the time.

NASA needs to set up a Martian skate park, stat.

Watch the video below: