TJ Miller’s Funniest Moment In “Silicon Valley” Has Four Minutes Of Awesome Outtakes

WHAT: A four-minute outtake reel from a single scene in Silicon Valley.

WHO: TJ Miller and Stephen Tobolowsky.

WHY WE CARE: It was the money moment from the first preview of Silicon Valley’s solid third season. Erlich Bachman, the hazy but quick-witted entrepreneur played by TJ Miller, confronts the CEO who is replacing his friend and he does not mince words. That CEO, played by Stephen Tobolowsky, gives Bachman an opening to make fun of his comparatively advanced age when he says, “I’m a big fan.” The trailer, and subsequent episode, lingers on the moment when Erlich fires back with a variety of items and ideas historically beloved by senior citizens. (“A nice piece of fish” was the fan favorite.) The show has a reputation for occasionally leaning on improv and spontaneous ideas from writers, though, so a new outtake reel shows the four full minutes TJ Miller kept providing alternates for this scene. Just about any one of them seems like they could have made the cut, which makes us appreciate not having to be the one to choose.