Bruised And Bloodied Female Athletes Never Give Up In This Taboo-Busting Ad

WHAT: Blood-spattered sportswomen star in an unflinching campaign from feminine care brand, Bodyform.

WHO: Bodyform, AMV BBDO

WHY WE CARE: The ad follows several sportswomen and a ballerina, as they are left battered and bleeding during the course of their exertions. And, while the blood on camera has nothing to do with periods per se, it nevertheless does, because blood, after all, is what periods are actually about.

The spot is part of a wider “Ref.Fit” campaign by the brand to challenge the “last taboo” around the menstrual cycle, by driving conversation and education around how menstruation affects women when they exercise. As part of this, Bodyform has entered into a partnership with U.K. colleges, St. Mary’s University and University College London, which are running a PhD program, exploring the effect of the menstrual cycle on women’s health and fitness. Bodyform has also created a central Ref.Fit hub where women can access and contribute to the course’s ongoing research findings. The hub will also host a range of associated content, such as exercise videos, podcasts, and health and nutrition information.