Unity Welcomes More Women To Gaming With Global Workshops

Because enough already with the industry’s boys club.

Unity Welcomes More Women To Gaming With Global Workshops

WHAT: A global series of Women in Gaming workshops launched by San Francisco gaming platform developer Unity Technologies to promote diversity and women’s careers in gaming.


WHO: Powerhouse female gaming business executives, venture capitalists, and academics.

WHY WE CARE: Gaming industry leaders must take a more proactive stance to counter bullying like #GamerGate and increasing concern about misogynistic environments greeting female players, developers, and executives in this arena. It’s especially important as gaming expands into nontraditional uses and newer audiences, calling for a growing cadre and diversity of talent. These workshops will tackle challenges facing women’s careers in gaming, while offering opportunities to network and learn about career building, leadership, strategic thinking, and organizational dynamics. Says Unity’s chief people officer Elizabeth Brown, “These events are an important platform for women to come together in a collaborative setting and learn from each other, which is key to ensuring their ongoing success in the gaming and tech communities.”

The schedule:

June 1: Amsterdam (part of Unite Europe 2016 ), with Three Fields Entertainment founder Fiona Sperry
June 20: San Francisco, with UC Berkeley associate professor Dana Carney
July 28: Shanghai, with NetEase Capital AVP Amy Huang, Firevale CTO Evelyn Liu, and Shenzenware founder Yanyan Xiong
September 22: San Francisco, with TextPlus president & COO Nanea Reeves
November: Los Angeles (part of Unite LA), with USC professor Tracy Fullerton

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