It Is Time To Get Excited About “BoJack Horseman” Season 3

WHAT: The teaser for the upcoming third season of BoJack Horseman.

WHO: Netflix.

WHY WE CARE: By now, everybody has said it: There is simply too much television. Shows that at one point might have become your favorite shows get permanently backburnered while you get through your other new favorite shows–which all somehow premiere on the same exact date. Given the gatling gun-style barrage of nonstop content, it’s understandable that some shows have slipped beneath your radar forever. But there is no excuse for not checking out BoJack Horseman. On the surface, a Hollywood satire where animals walk and talk like people sounds like the epitome of skippable–and for some viewers, that might prove out. But the true essence of BoJack is its exploration of depression, decayed potential, and functional alcoholism–and the fact that it does all that with smart jokes front and center and nonstop easter eggs in the background makes it next-level. This teaser reveals that the next season is coming on July 22nd, and makes a joke while doing so. You have thusly been warned.