These Are The Weird Questions Each State Googles More Than Every Other State

“Why does everyone hate Florida?” asks Florida. That’s so Florida. See what other questions each state tends to Google more than the rest.

These Are The Weird Questions Each State Googles More Than Every Other State

One of the greatest byproducts of Google’s existence is its autofill function. All that metadata from the world’s largest search engine offers a chilling glimpse into true humanity when guessing the gist of every query. Type in a celebrity’s name and one of the API-provided options will undoubtedly be: “[that celebrity] feet.” There’s even a game available that lets users guess which weird completions will pop up after the first few words. Sometimes, the surprisingly popular search-terms that emerge prove more entertaining than whatever it was you were hoping to find in the first place. It’s something the housing blog Estately realized a while ago when it began compiling oddball commonalities from Google’s autofill data.

Estately’s latest creation is a map of the U.S. that shows which question each state has Googled more than every other state. It is a very of-the-moment mosaic that reveals the many variations of what’s on citizens’ minds. While Rhode Island is apparently most uncertain of whether Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, California leads the nation in pondering whether Bernie Sanders is vegan. (He is not!) While the map itself offers a surprising, funny, and sometimes sad top search question for each state, make sure to visit Estately to see all the runners-up. Also, chime in below in the comments with the weirdest thing you’ve asked Google lately.

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