See The Entire Story Of “Star Wars IV” In One 403-Foot-Long Infographic

Talk about an infinite scroll.

A new infographic version of Star Wars IV: A New Hope retells the events of the film in one long, continuous illustration that ultimately runs 403.5 feet long.

Created by Zurich-based illustrator and graphic novelist, Martin Panchaud, the infographic is a meticulously crafted, ancient Chinese script-style depiction of one of the most well-known films of all time. It encompasses detailed blueprints of battleships, all lines of dialogue, and spare character representations that leave it up to the viewer’s memory to fill in the blanks. As a whole, the infographic takes up 22 Adobe Illustrator files that, according to Panchaud’s blog, “really made my processors sweat.” Of course, his Force-fueled effort is bound to make the brows of Star Wars obsessives sweat in kind.

Have a look at the first segment of 157 below, and see the rest at

[via Slash Film]

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