This “Game Of Thrones” Mashup Trailer Predicts An Unlikely Guest

WHAT: A fake trailer that splices footage from the Martin Lawrence time travel extravaganza, Black Knight, into Game of Thrones.

WHO: YouTubers PizzaPartyFX.

WHY WE CARE: Bad Boys 3 (and 4!) are apparently on the horizon, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen Martin Lawrence in action. These clips from the mostly forgotten fish-out-of-timewater flick, Black Knight, serve as a reminder of how his mugging was often cause for a reliable laugh throughout the ’90s. More than that, though, it’s impressive how seamlessly the jousting-and-damsels mise en scène of that film blends in with the world of Westeros. The editors also deserve a lot of credit for sifting through six seasons of show to find perfect repulsed reaction shots from Cersei and company to apply to their intertextual guest.