A Massachusetts Liquor Store Is Waging Witty Sign War With A Neighboring McDonald’s

The Sav-Mor liquor store in Somerville, Massachusetts took the first shots, but McDonald’s clapped back.

A Massachusetts Liquor Store Is Waging Witty Sign War With A Neighboring McDonald’s

Earlier this month, the McDonald’s marquee on the McGrath Highway in Somerville, Massachusetts read “2 Egg Muffin $5.” As breakfast sandwich deals go, it’s a pretty fair one. But the liquor store across the street–Sav-Mor, a local institution famous for its clever signs–decided to take a shot anyway. “Every morning, I would see that sign, and I thought, ‘I bet I could do better than that,” explains co-owner Robert Weiner.


The next day, the Sav-Mor sign read, “3 Egg Muffin $4–Your Move, McDonald’s.”

Sav-Mor obviously doesn’t sell breakfast sandwiches, so Weiner added a disclaimer–“Offer Not Valid In Massachusetts”–but the fast food giant clapped back anyway, updating its marquee to read “Sav Mor–You Ain’t Seen McMuffin Yet.”

“I wasn’t really expecting a response,” Weiner admits. “I was at the drive-thru getting my coffee, and I was like, ‘My god!'”

And thus the war continued. Weiner fired another shot: “My Boss Is Also A Clown,” the updated sign read. “Thanks McDonald’s I Always Wanted An Arch Enemy.” McDonald’s responded again: “Sav Mor–We Don’t Crack Jokes–We Crack Eggs.”

It’s always fun to see a brand like McDonald’s engage with snarky locals like this, and the fact that they’re playing Weiner’s game–more than once, even–makes the whole thing feel a little bit like a big, analog Twitter beef playing out on a public stage in Massachusetts. It also puts the pressure on for Weiner.

“I’d like to do one more good punchline to end it on,” he says. “Everyone loves this and thinks it’s a lot of fun, but I feel an immense amount of pressure and stage fright. I’d rather go out on a high note.”

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