Warner Bros. And DC Tease “Suicide Squad” With Costumes And Props In A New Tour Exhibit

Getting up close and personal with DC superhero and supervillain style.

It’s the next best thing to Margot Robbie in the flesh.


In anticipation of their August blockbuster, Suicide Squad, and burgeoning slate of superhero shows, Warner Bros. Studios Tour and DC Entertainment have again teamed up for a permanent installation of rotating production assets as a key stop on the studio tour route. It was the logical next step after the positive response to the pairing’s Batman 75th anniversary exhibit.

Celebrity fanboys—rocker Gene Simmons and LA Laker Jordan Clarkson—headlined last week’s sneak peak at DC Universe: The Exhibit, opening May 24. The presentation of costumes, props, sets, miniatures, concept art, and video games from DC properties accent a larger two-hour tour showcasing how Warner Bros. productions get made.

“It will constantly change as new features are layered in and old assets returned to productions,” says Warner Bros. Studio Tour executive director Danny Kahn. “It’s a work in progress as we develop the next nine [DC] films through 2020.”

Kahn’s team spent months combing through Warner Bros. warehouses, in the process even accidentally unearthing Humphrey Bogart’s costume from The Maltese Falcon.

Highlights include the original Belle Reve prison cell set that houses Harley Quinn (played by the aforementioned Robbie) in Suicide Squad, the Batcave’s Bat Lab from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and an homage to DC Comics’ origins, including the seven Justice League superheroes and toy action figures dating back to the 1930s. (The film The Justice League: Part One is due next year.)

Photo: Sue Karlin

Costumes and props from such characters as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Joker, and Enchantress will interchange throughout the summer, as will elements from DC primetime and animated TV series, such as The Flash, Arrow, and DC SuperHero Girls.


Kahn is hoping to eventually feature exclusive multimedia and live events featuring DC show actors and showrunners, as well as a miniature version at San Diego Comic-Con.

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