Learn How To Make Films From Werner Herzog

One of the people most likely to create a master class on the art of filmmaking that doubles as a piece of art itself is eccentric German filmmaker Werner Herzog. This summer, aspiring film students, insatiable ‘Zog devotees, and those who are just plain curious will be able to find out for sure.

The online teaching series has tapped the director of Little Dieter Wants To Fly to commit on video his thoughts about the craft. He will join the ranks of other luminaries the company has brought into its educational fold, including Serena Williams and Dustin Hoffman.

The class spans 20 videos, costs $90, covers everything from “pre-production to distribution,” and will hopefully include more of the director’s ruminations on the corrosive effects of technology or how he would direct Grown Ups 3.

Watch a video for the class below.