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Andrew Anagnost on Thinking Like an Innovator

Andrew Anagnost on Thinking Like an Innovator

Andrew Anagnost is senior vice president of industry strategy and marketing at Autodesk, the industry leader in state of the art 3-D modeling software.

Tap into your passion.

Achieving and sustaining success is hard enough. Doing things that haven’t been done before is even harder. The best reserve to draw from is an intense devotion to your cause. “At Autodesk, we all have a passion for the world of making things,” says Anagnost. “The people who come here to work get to say, pretty much every day, ‘All right, if I can crack the code here, I can impact millions of people who are doing incredibly cool stuff.’”

Share your message.

Call it marketing if you’d like, but people can’t help you succeed if they don’t understand what you’re doing. When it comes to sharing your message, there is no audience that’s not worth reaching. “I get to evangelize design technology,” says Anagnost. “Just today, I taught 48 fourth- and fifth-graders how to use [Autodesk’s easy-to-use design program] Tinkercad. Those kids are the next generation of designers and engineers.”

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Find a way to break out of the ruts.

Problems tend to find us, but solutions require searching. That’s why you need to develop your own system for breaking past limitations to find answers. “For me, it’s going on a long walk,” says Anagnost. “Seriously, when I’m stuck, I get up from my desk and walk—sometimes for a long time.”

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